In Anger

Dammit I get mad absolutely for that fucking way of working. Such a long time ago since the day I  shouted at anybody like the way that I will never want to do. My feelings are uncontrollable & I must act like a crazy person. I spoke out all I thought & what I tried to keep inside before.  Such a long time.

Those days I am so stressful so till now it burst into words. I really really don’t pay attention to her – that chicken. But she’s so stupid, damn stupid. The worst thing is that she can’t self-aware of her acting. Ohh God. I always feel bad after those stupid things anyhow.

What is going on? I tried a lot in my career, what I have built in the very first time in this working-field seems to fade…but everything is not a stop. Everything is going on the way it must be. I don’t believe that I can’t do. But too much things happened & it made me confused.

Oh shit. I want to spend one free day alone to think of everything now. What fucking is going on??? What fucking is going on with my head???

Are they worth for you to show up yourself like this?

All good children go to heaven. We are good kids in this world & just live like the way we are.

But make it a silent lucidity….


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