Entry for March 19, 2009

To you.

These days you are busy working, other plans can not yet be done. Life is what happens when you are busy making another plan, huh.

To some extend, it’s a lucky thing when I began to work just after 3 days arriving in Saigon. There’re many choices and we can decide by ourselves. Sometimes I still ask myself that why do we regret for our own choice? If we choose something without careful consideration, it’s not difficult for us to understand, but this is another story. Well, anyway, I dont mean that I regret. Just looking for another chance if any.

I like afternoons when you standing there and waiting for me, taking me home. I love the shirts you wear and I like the moments that we share with each other when we go to eat, drink, sit around and talk. Or even the arguments we had. Sometimes i fed up with the time you get angry, but i did know it’s not only your fault.

Sometimes I’m jealous you know, and after having told you all, I felt fine when you did understand… After that i respect more the time we are together.

we know that now it’s not really comfortable time because we have to get many things done, but everythings will be fine we know.



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