anybody here?

Dưới những chùm sao sáng lung linh
Dưới những vòm cây  rì rào lá thổi
Dưới những cơn mưa thì thào nỗi nhớ

Chân em bước về
giữa – đơn – côiImage


Dear friend,

Just when I finish working, I’m so tired to do anything else. Clicking some websites and turning around. Yesterday, I found something still good when I received an email from one my customer. That’s a normal information. For my job. But it arrives on time. So it seems to be ok to me now.

Just thinking stuff, super stuffImage so writing mixing thinkings  like above poem. Honesty, it’s just for fun!

These times, I do not know how to say. Should I thank you for let me be free?Image

Thank you, anyway!


No comment for this blog, pls!  🙂



One Response

  1. Nhieu luc doc nhung bai tho, nhung bai viet cho nhung ng ban cua Sis hay la chut lang thang cua cam xuc… thay thix 🙂

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