I should be so lucky !

Today that is April 18th – my birthday!Image Do you have any gift for me, my friends?Image

 I thank for all your remembering and best wishes for me on my own date! Image

I wish me a very happy time from this moment on…….Image

“Wishing me were here now!!!!!!!!!!!!!”Image

change avatar, not feel free! Image


12 Responses

  1. WOW sis..Happy Birthday!Wishing you all the best!And i wanted to say,you’re beautiful..
    Hugs and kisses~*

  2. Oe’ hom nay la` sinh nhat a`?
    Chuc’ EHHL luon de^~ thuong nhu* bay h nhe’ 😉

  3. Chuc em amy sang tuoi moi luon xinh dep, de thuong, kiem duoc nhieu tien, dac biet la tim duoc tinh yeu dich thuc,

  4. Ban yeu, chuc mung sinh nhat ban. Moi dieu tot dep cuc ki` luon nhe! To thi biet la doi ban het ham thi may ra chi den khi lay chong`, ma to thi chua muon ban lay chong som, the cho nen ban co gi cu tiep tuc gao thet di, nhung ma cho dung nguoi dung chuyen ti, nho’.
    Co chuyen gi cu buzz to. Khong co chuyen gi cung cu buzz to.
    Yeu ban.

  5. De lam` cho cai blog them fan` hoanh trang’, minh xin tra loi tung ban mot!

    To make this blog longer, I would love to answer each person in each blank!

  6. @Cindy: Thank you very much for your sweet words Cindy! Love to get it! 🙂

  7. @LiLi: to van chi thich moi cai cum “nhieu tien`” ! Chung minh` van dang fan dau vi` no hang` ngay` ! :))
    Thanks for coming with me!

  8. @Trandzo: cam on ban yeu!To suong am i? vi` cai cau “de thuong” !Va` de chung minh cho su de^~ thuong do, to se vote cho ban yeu tat ca nhung nick ma` to co’, du` nhu the se lam` cho stars of ban yeu la^p’ lanh’ hon of to! :X

  9. @Ateska: to thuc su rat thich loi chuc of ban! Sinh nhat, dieu to thich nhat van luon la` doc. nhung loi chuc of moi nguoi! Co’ qua` to dzi nhien suong, nhung nhung loi chuc’ moi lam` to sung suong nhat! 🙂
    One day you know that I’m the one
    But tomorrow may come so I will follow the sun!

    To cung~ yeu ban! ^_^

  10. @TEDI: to dang hy vong. do’ la` bai` hat do Tedi hat’tang rieng cho Amy! 🙂
    Anyway, neu ko fai, to van muon nghe no’! Tedi gui lai vao` email cho to nhe’!

    Thanks for all!

  11. Cai nay cho AMY !


  12. happy b-day, du` co hoi muon 1 vai` ngay`. Chuc’ U luon vui ve?

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