How to be a tour guide?! ^_^

Learn it by heart:

Tourguides provide special information on history, archaeology, monuments and works of art, the environment, culture, natural and built attractions, places of interest and any general matters of interest to the visitor.

Tour guides may perform the following tasks:

* meet members of a tour on arrival and make introductions
* coordinate pre-arranged accommodation and transport, and *make sure that tour members are comfortable
* lead tour groups, advise tour members of local interest points *and prepare and present tour commentaries
* coordinate pre-arranged tour activities such as visits to local attractions, restaurants or shops, train rides, cruises and extended tours
* research and share general information on Vietnam & other countries’ cultures
* attend to operational problems such as booking errors and amendments, lost luggage or illness, and provide first aid if needed
* keep in touch with transportation companies
* maintain written reports of daily activities and carry out other administrative work.

Being a tour guide is often physically demanding. During a tour, guides must be available at all times to answer questions and sort out problems. Manual work such as loading or unloading baggage or other equipment may be required.
Tour guides are often required to spend time away from home, especially those fulfilling the role of Tour Manager.

Personal Requirements: Image

* maturity
* able to accept responsibility
* free from prejudice
* organisational ability
* excellent general knowledge of Vietnam and regional touring areas
* able to think logically
* excellent communication skills
* good health
* age limits may apply
* patience and tac


12 Responses

  1. cai list thuong o cuon sach nao ra vay 😀

  2. Chi cung nho den cai lan do khi doc bai nay cua em day. Dao nay da do say xe chua vay?

  3. Ko bit’ Beenagirl thu*? cach’ nay` chua? Day’ la` nhai keo. cao su luc’ ngoi` tren oto. 🙂
    Truoc’ to’ cung~ bi. say xe nhung dao. nay` co’ viec. bat’ buoc. fai? di oto nen luc’ nao` cung~ ke` ke` keo. cao su ben nguoi`>>> ko say ti’ nao`, ngoi` oto thoai? mai’ luon!
    Hehe, to’ fai? co’ den 1 list dai` cach’ chong’ say xe, 😛

  4. ke^? tu*` dao day em chua leo len^ cai o^ to^ nao`! 😀
    chi? co’ 1 la^n` di xe bus ra tie^n~ ban o Airport ma` khi ve^` mat em tai’ met’, nguoi em u? ru~ nhu sap chet=)) lam` bon di cung` so*. xanh mat ! :”> mama Sugar la` bac’ si~, hoi cach’ cho em di ! 😦 ne^u’ cu*’ the^’ nay` thi` lam` sao e change sang tour guider duoc??? :((

  5. Co ai di xe oto say la luot nhu Amy khong nhi?

  6. @Will: cai’ list hay ho nhi? 😀 ma` dung’ oi la` dung’ ! B-) to thuo^ng? tu*` internet ! =)) thoi` dai. nay` cai’ j cung~ chi can` click fat’ la` co’ het ! tru*` mo^i~ giai ! :)) The^’ Will tha^y’ the^’ nao`? 1 Girl thich’ travelling nhu* ca^u., cho to*’ y’ kien xem nao`?! co’ nen^ khong? nhu*ng chac’ la` to se chuye^n? 🙂

    @Sugar: em va^n~ nho*’ mai~ cai’ lan` ve` nha` chi. cuoi chi Sa^m 😦 kinh hoang` ! 😀 ho^m y’ lai cha? an duoc gi` nua~ ! :”>

  7. @Tran_do^ : hi, to*’ chu*a thu bao h vi` hau nhu ko dam’ leo le^n o^to^ nua~! 😀 nhu*ng sap to*i’ chac chan fai di. To*’ se try cach’ Trando^ chi? Many thanks ! 😡 co’ la^n` to*’ dung` cach da’n salonpas + nga^m. vo? cam (qui’t) ma` va^n~ ko an thua> 😦 tinh` hinh` la` ko lam` se^p’ duoc ! =))

  8. vua ngoi tren xe, vua nhai khoai lang sông’, kêt hop ca dan’ salonpas nua, chi thu xem co’ ket qua ko 😀
    ko thi` gia gung` ra roi lay 1 mieng gac buoc vao` cô tay, hihi, nhieu cach lam, nhung moi nguoi lai hop voi 1 cach 🙂
    Chúc vui !

  9. cach’ tot’ nhat’ la di oto nhieu vao, va dung nghi den’ chuyen la minh se say. Het’ . (kinh nghie.m xuong mau’ cua ban? than iem 😀 )

  10. @TomiR: hi, Tomi la` ai vay nhi? 😀 thanks em nhe’! chuan bi. di hoc hanh` tu te rui` ! 🙂 add Blog friends nhe’!^_^

  11. tu*. ki? am’ thi. =_+ em co’ tin la` co’ la^n` anh bat buoc fai di o^to^ ma` moi’ nghi~ de^n’ thoi da~ nuoc mat ngan, nuoc mat dai`roi` ko? :”> hehe, nhuc. we’ 😀 pama anh cung~ advise anh nhu em noi y’, nhu*ng ma` kho^? la` mama anh cung~ ko di duoc oto^ :~)) chac la` ne^n di xe bus di lam` cho thanh` habit =)) 😀

  12. haha…phat’ hien them 1 dieu thu’ vi. U cung~ ten la` AMY ha? tui cung~ ten la` AMY ne`

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