Mongolian Girl

Mongolian is the national language of the Mongolian People’s Republic and is also spoken in the Inner Mongolian autonomous region of China. Mongolian and its near relatives form a subdivision of the Altaic subfamily of the Ural-Altaic family of languages. It is spoken natively by about 2 million speakers. Mongolian has been written using a number of different writing systems over the years. A writing system is referred to in 6th century Chinese writings, and an assortment of scripts appear until about the 13th century when the Uighur script, a script based on Sogdian (Aramaic) writing, became dominant. After 1941, the Uighur script yielded to a modified Cyrillic alphabet in the Republic of Mongolia, however, after the democratic revolution of 1990, the use of traditional script has been restored to a certain degree. In Inner Mongolia, owing to the policy of the People’s Republic of China, the traditional Mongol script is being replaced by a writing based on the Roman alphabet.


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